Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nothing melts my icy exterior like seeing Noah and Adair enter a happier stage of sibling contentment. It seems like I am spending a little less of my daily energy prying Noah off of her face, or his arm around her neck in a choke hold. The other morning I found the two together in Adair's crib laughing and playing and a little disappointed that Mom had come to disrupt the fun. I think that one of the biggest joys I will experience as a mother will be to raise those two to be great friends. I have seriously been concerned that a third child might change their dynamic and even though every veteran mom will probably say it's foolish, I haven't quite made up my own mind on the matter. Anyways, Noah has some of the best names for Adair right now and less I forget here's a little list:

1. Mine Mimi
2. Mine Flappy
3. Gary the Snail
4. Wah Wah (for when she cries)
5. Sist
6. Sistie


merideth said...

it is so fun when your kids enjoy each other. lately taylor has been saying then when she grows up and when luke grows up she wants to marry lukey.
i haven't broken to her yet that that won't happen...for now i will just enjoy that they love being together.

Tatem said...

I like his nickname "Gary" the best of all!!!

Heidi A said...

Super cute. I love the nicknames. It really is so great to have those rare moments when your children get along and are playing happily together.

karen said...

I remember walking into Peter's room when he was an infant, to find Michael sitting in the crib coloring while Peter was sound asleep. Michael motioned to me to be quiet (he was 3+ years old) and whispered he was "watching over" Peter. The tenderness of the moment, to this day, makes me a bit teary eyed..and remains one of my most precious "mom" moments. I won't tell you about the time Peter at age 4 and Teresa at age 2decided to get the gallon paint buckets from the garage and proceed to paint their carpet, beds and furniture with wall paint (while I was trying to rest for a few minutes).

jhoopes said...

What a cute picture! Love the nicknames, too--where did he come up with them!?